Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sunday Part 3

Next we lined up all the bikes and clicked some photo documentation. More hanging out happened till the Suzuki left our midst and we all congregated inside in front of the cooler. Mostly because we were worried Ameya would melt in the hot, humid north-Indian sun. Beer broke out and conversation flowed. More facets were discovered about each other. Jenson goes every year to Leh, etc on this bike and we all agreed (especially Anil Ustaad) that Jenson’s bike was the most silent in engine noises. Funny thing is, when faced with eight roadkings, I really could not choose much in the way of which one was better. Call it a problem of plenty if you will, but seriously it was all so much input that it was next to impossible to play favourites. Late afternoon, when Ameya had to report to work in Gurgaon, we all trooped out for the obligatory bike parade. Hit the toll bridge, lined up on the roadside and took some more shots. Shukla slipped his chain off the rear sprocket trying to scramble his roadking and Sanjay McGee (The Mad Professor who rode a Enfield Fury for ten years all over the highways, sometimes with the Mohawks – anyone remember the Mohawks??) was with us on his Karimsa with an Ankit seated behind manning the camera. McGee, Ankit, Chetan, Jenson, Arjun (aka Wily Coyote), we came back and finished the beer. In the evening, finallly McGee kindly fixed my headlights and we took off on our respective errands. Thus it ended; a most heartening day-long meet.
Bless us, bikes and all and may we keep rolling...after all what’s ‘forever’ for? If not for ‘The Forever Bike’ as was the old Yezdi company slogan/tagline.

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