Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Intruder alert!

Wily rolled in next with his Ustaad Anil, Vijayanth and Gurjeet. We ogled some more at each other’s machines. Gurjeet’s RK was pristine with the red in the tank logo plates still intact – y’know the red inside the font on the logo...). Vijayanth’s bike was the silver Deluxe and since he was last and his bike was so clean, it was suggested he park in the mud : ). More joy rides ensued. Ankit, my pal rolled in with beer and we were all set until Chetan took a spin on Lalit’s Jawa and came back with the Mulworth’s on their Suzuki Intruder Volusia 800cc cruiser. The couple hung around and chatted with us about bikes, bike touring and suchlike. Ameya and I hung around the bike. Ameya had just got off my RK and we both were feeling like hanging around the bikes a bit. We clicked the Intruder and Jenson appeared on his RK round the corner. Ameya and I went back and we all started to feel a bit like the party had hit its stride. In fact, we all drifted out again and hung around the Suzuki. When the offer came up for a ride on the monster, I immediately jumped at the chance. Despite safer suggestions that he ride pillion behind me, Abhay let me take a spin. It was a little odd because I, being only 5’6”, had to slide a couple of inches lower on the seat to make my feet touch the pegs. T’was no trouble at all, the only difference was the need for slight counter-steering pressure from both hands on turns. The engine burbled sweetly and the v-twin shaft drive forgave my newness. I rolled back and most were relieved.Chetan can be quite an aunt at times.

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