Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Chetan's mail

See for yourself from the mail Chetan sent out:
"Address : R-119, Sector 21, Jal Vayu, Noida
Dax : Early Sunday Morning - 12 o'clock is Noon time and this is NOT the Barat Clock(sorry, Net at home would not let me upload those pix) DO NOT DRINK Saturday
Wily : Hydrabadi Biryani? Get Anil along ...
Manish : Make sure you're there / Make sure you're there on time
Ameya RK(Pune): Sorry, Net at home would not let me upload those pix
Jenson : Old timer RK Rider meeting us the first time.
Gurjeet : Your RK please ...
Wily - If you could meet Gurjeet and Jenson at NZD Bridge Turn to Noida and ride together to Dax's
Manish and Ameya to meet me at Ring Road "AIIMS Crossing" and further to DND
Not sure about Kamal CLII(Niti Bagh), Nirbhay JAWA(GGN) and Ravi D250(JNU) - will call 'em up
Rahul Kariyal?
am watching link
shampoo ad and the female in Kamloops :)
quit CVG; job-hunting now
Vijayanth - Check with Lalit and Amit Pal and lemme know
All of us together atleast One-Time!?!
We could visit Arun Naik and keep the tradition alive...

- Chetan

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