Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Rear Wheel Removal - Jawa & Yezdi

Here's an uber tip:

The genesis of this is an experience I had bout 8:30 p.m in my garrage, when I had the bike up on brix (under deh mainstand)and took the rear wheel off. At some point the old Model B tilted forward and the additional angle took her off the stand... you know what an effort it is to put a Yez back on mainstand without a rear wheel!?! Your heart is till churning from the crash it made when it landed on the silencers - thank gawd for those straight rod silencer and footpeg holders that the Mod B has as memories of Jawa! still haven't got my point. Let me repeat, do you know what an effort it is to put a .....especially if you are five feet six inches and weigh at most 58 kilos.

It took some time, I'll tell you that much. :)
I also got to figure out that if you want to counter balance a Y-bike against your weight you gotta lean far out of the boat like them sailors do with tall masted sailing ships (yea, the kind that do the America Cup). Well, it was bout 20 degrees off the ground.

First, remove the rear axle as shown.

Now on to the uber-tip:

Just lean over the seat and remove the rear wheel from that position.

I got this from looking at the pic in the Jawa Owner's manual.
(Those sure are sexed-out silencers, eh? Lemme know if you got a pair, I wants them for my preciousss CZ.)

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Wishal Bhartee said...

It isn't just as simple as opening the bolt tilting the bike and getting the wheel off....There is a metal bush b/w the brake hub supporter & the brake hub and another small bush inside.
Both fall off when the rod is pulled out, got to watch out for them.
And on the Old hub JAWA one has to match the meaning and coupling before fixing the wheel, plus, when they are in good condition it takes some deal of effort too.