Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Be All..

By general standards, I must be a sucker but I can't shake this feeling that there is a judgement coming and it shall be bigger than my paltry thoughts and feelings. That's what makes me shake and pray for all my transgressors. Somewhere in the vast background scheme of things, I feel something begin to turn. And I feel like drawing him, her and them close to me to protect them. But I cannot. I can only tend to my little garden. They can all take their chances without me to misdirect them.


266 days ago Nursed a butterfly. Picked him up from the road while walking my dog. He sat quitely in my palm for the rest of the walk. He would stir and move his wings when i blew softly at him. I put him on a flower tree in my bike yard. Few hours of sun and he flew off to a nearby tree. An hour later, I was standing around and he came to visit me. I tried to see if he’ll come onto my finger but he avoided me.


Ever tuned your bike to butterflies!!!>??!!!?!!!??!?!?!?!?????????

I have butterflies in my bikeyard, on my helmets and my bikes.

Call me an aging hippie if you will (anyone seen pink floyd's live at pompie concert? all bell bottoms, bare feet and butterfly t-shirts. still i tune a roadking by the roadside and ai see a butterfly!

So i know i must be tuning right. I see a couple of smaller yellows fly by in twenny seconds an I know must make delicate adujstments to the two screws. Then I see a bumble bee and know I have gone too far on the idling screw. Then I see a few teeny white small ones (bout half a cm) go by and I know I must make a few small adjustments and ai am hoem free.

Now tell me --- whatever you might have in your mind regarding dudes who tune roadkings to butterflies and I shall ask you somewhat politely to regard the pic in this post.

[Apologies to my audience of the feminine persuasion, which might just come down to the number two, but V. pls xcs the lingua franca since all us nice guys lead double lives at the mechie's shop.]

In case yew still need placating, heres a nice one to boot:

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