Thursday, December 20, 2007

comes a time...
when we must choose.

everywhere are 'friendly' folks willing to help you.

sometimes they take more than they give.

then you must sell to survive.

still i hang on to my pride (as in 'a bunch of feral cats')

we'll see what lasts - will to power or the world as usual —

which contains me, my yezdis and the reason why I re entered this field.

i used to think the bikes would outlast my troubles in life.
dunno bout rent, still I take it all as it impacts.

the way it is with maintainence.

By the way, people - I just spent four full days on my Rk's front suspension.
So if you want any info on the process, just ask.

ended up making tools at the local lathe and weld shop for the same.
dunno why, I just take to the bikes when idle (which i have been a lot lately with unemployment and such)

a change is gonna come. actually it is upon me already.
so don't be surprised if you see me in your part of the country.

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