Thursday, April 26, 2007

For those who are wondering what's this blog about.

For those who are wondering what's this blog about.

It's about the fact that during the height of the socialist 1960s and 1970s, India had only about three bike manufacturers with probably an equal number of variants of the same basic bike platform. The car market was no different. The masses used and still do, scooters — the hybrid, sheet steel section built and pressed frame and all enclosing body work two wheelers of Italian origin.

The Yezdi was based on the Jawa, and was originally Jawa models built in India, until indegenious production evolved in the form of the company calling itself Ideal Jawa and selling the bikes under the brand, Yezdi. These twin-port two stroke 250cc bikes soon became staple and eventually could not evolve a strong enough technical collaboration when the markets were opened up by the Indian government. The company shut down sometime in 1996-7 after two attempts at reviving prospects. The last of the models made by Yezdi was the Roadking, which had reversed, or over-square bore and stroke dimensions and is capable of 0-60kph in 4 seconds flat.

If you visit any of the links given at the bottom or read any of my stuff, it would be obvious that the bikes still have a hardcore following.

This blog is my attempt at typing up some of the notes I had accumulated on the subject over the years, in one place. Just another drop in the petrol tank of life, I know. I just gotta do this, before I'm running on empty!

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naveendubey said...

cool going you chiller , well a nice initiative for yezdi , lot more to know from you . i always look forward .