Saturday, September 29, 2007

Somendra Singh ka Legendary Masala & More about the Dean of Yezdi Tuners

The man:

My first web encounter:

Discussions around Somendra's patented 'Grove' head techology:

As if debates around pro and stock racing weren't enough, someone actually recorded the sound of an engine before and after 'grooving' the cylinder head, Somender-style:

for those who didn't know somedra singh is the man behind the ace rallyist Jagat Nanjappa's Yezdi Roadking - ported, shaved piston, all bolts replaced with socket screws/allen bolts, italian front forks, (i never get tired of repeating this old description from Car & Bike International or Indian Auto Journal; I forget which) capable of cruising at 140-160 kph, and consuming something like 12-14kmpl.

Like Ganesha, longtime Kodai and Chennai haunter said they called it, 'Somendra Singh ka Masala'


feddabonn said...

so are you trying the 'grooves' on the y/j?

arunesh said...

tho on a new piston and sleeve
so no completely A-B comparision possible
but now she does like 20-24km in fourth, bangs/combusts like there is definitely 'some' masala in the engine.

am bloody happy with the results.

PS: Prashant (Nomad was in town this weekend and he agrees it works.)