Sunday, August 10, 2008

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Indian students make a Yezdi motorcycle run on LPG

Students of the Guru Nanak Engineering College in Bidar, India with their motorcycle fitted with a gas kit.

While the State Government plans to urge the Automotive Research Association of India to work on running two-wheelers on liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), two college students in Bidar have successfully done that.

Deepak Kaul and Jerin Jose, automobile engineering students of the Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College, have developed an-easy-to-use LPG kit to run their two-stroke motorcycle.

The average running cost of the 250cc Yezdi motorcycle is between 20 paise to 40 paise, compared to 50 paise to Rs. 1.5 in a petrol powered motorcycle.

The "Kaul and Jose" motorcycle has a small metal box fitted in front of the front wheels and holds a two-kg LPG tank. Refilling this tank is easy. It is refilled using gas from a domestic LPG cylinder.

The LPG is passed on to the tank through a pipe connected to a regulator. Such motorcycles can be easily refilled after auto LPG gas stations become popular, they say.

The motorcycle running on LPG is eco-friendly and reduces pollution to a great extent, says Deepak.

"We don't need to make major changes in the engine," says Jerin. "The areas we have to work on are lubrication, design of the gas tank and the air-fuel ratio," they said.

The motorcycle can run on petrol when the LPG gets exhausted. A small plug has to be pulled out before doing this.

Do they plan to patent the technology or produce it on a large scale to make profits? "No," they said.

"We did it just for fun. Playing with engines is our hobby, just as we play with musical instruments and produce some hard core music," says the two.

Article sourced from The Hindu National Newspaper.

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Fardeen said...

Wonderful stuff, I had a Yezdi D250 but had to sell it as my parents were scared that I may meet up with an accident sooner, but am looking for a good Yezi now as I can afford one on my own, want to know about the LPG conversion stuff, can you help