Friday, April 18, 2008

Did my old bycycle up. picked it up from my brother's place nearby. landed up, handed the air pump to my three-foot tall nephew and pulled the thing out of the garrage, dusted it off and pumped the tires up. its a K-Mart bycycle from the 1980s. Apparently those things were so heavy that they lasted and lasted. This one is a 26' wheeled 10-speed model called Santa Fe with dropped handlebars, single big crank and fitted with a Shimano changer (yea, i can spell deraileur!). Brought it home and sat and stared at it for hours, stood up and stripped off the seat, handle and cables. Took the remainder of the Rustoleum Copper Paint spraycan i had and sprayed the frame. After covering the wheels and bits with newspaper sheets for masking. Let it dry and put everything back on. it was actually an idle mind-botch job and i didnt strip the old paint off or anything. just leaned back and sprayed! After all, as David Bowie puts it in the song, Loving the Alien:

"But if you [s]pray all your sins are hooked upon the sky

[S]pray and the heathen lie will disappear"

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